ArcAroma AB: 201228 oliveCEPT® evaluation at La Balméenne demonstrates positive impact in production efficiency and improved organoleptic properties of the olive oil produced

Press release 2020-12-28

La Balméenne, a well-established olive oil producer in France, came to an agreement with Innovolta Technologies – ArcAroma´s representative, to install and evaluate an oliveCEPT® THOR unit during current production season. Performance evaluation was supervised by Fabien ARNAUD, General Manager of La Balméenne, and test samples were analysed by LE CENTRE TECHNIQUE DE L’OLIVIER based in Aix-en-Provence which is an IOC approved laboratory under France Olive, the French olive producers association.

Results show an amazing increase of extraction volume by 19.3% at normal malaxation time and 12.5% increase when malaxation time was reduced by half. Quality vs quantity is not a dilemma anymore. oliveCEPT® at La Balméenne improved the organoleptic characteristics of the produced olive oil without sacrificing production volume.The olive oil produced was better in color, fruitness, bitterness and pungency, all very important quality factors, but above all oliveCEPT® demonstrated that it can improve the production process by minimizing malaxation time, and this is a game changer. All results and benefits will be further discussed and evaluated in relation to the upcoming investment plan of La Balméenne for modernizing its olive oil production and increasing its capacity.

“Integrating oliveCEPT® in the initial stage of the process, directly after the crusher, has a number of advantages in terms of the amount of extraction and the quality of the final product. We have reliable results that show just that. Going from a batch process to a continuous production process is truly a game changer and a challenge that oliveCEPT® is ready for”, says Johan Möllerström, CEO of ArcAroma.

La Balméenne ( is a high quality French producer of Extra Virgin Olive. The company started its operations in 1925 and is located in Beaumes-de-Venices, Provence.

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